Soma is a highly intuitive therapist who knows her anatomy. She is also a warm and lovely person. My massage was both relaxing and therapeutic. She did a really cool hamstring stretch that felt amazing!
--Amy P., Eugene, OR

Soma is a talented and gifted spirit with a great capacity for healing -- in all the different avenues she pursues.
--Rand S., Seattle, WA

Soma has been a big help for me by targeting body issues I get due to my work. I follow her at-home exercises and haven’t had to return for issues with the same area. She offers a great combination of skills.
--Alysse H., Eugene, OR

Soma is a vibrant loving soul. Her love of healing and humanity are obvious from the first few minutes of interacting with her.
A wise soul with a lot to give the world.
--Cyndi B., Addy, WA

Soma has magic hands!! When I walked into her office today, I could not move my neck to the left without excruciating pain. After a quick twenty minutes of heavenly massage, the full range of motion in my neck has returned! It's as if the pain wasn't even there in the first place.

I was considering going to urgent care, but I'm SO glad I went to Soma instead. She quickly identified and relieved the trigger points that were causing my pain. I am still in awe about how great I feel!

Soma is by far the most skilled, friendly, and professional massage therapist I have ever met. I'm looking forward to many more massages in the future! 
--Grace F., Eugene, OR

Never been much of a massage fan, but then my calf muscle started to cramp up in a way I can only describe as a permanent charley-horse. Started limping. When I ended up on Soma's table I was amazed at how quickly she found the knot and worked it out. In a few days it was gone. I'm back to all my familiar activities: running, climbing, stretching. Priceless! 
--Neal C., Eugene, OR